The Photography of Steven Clark

About the Photographer

Self portraitA decade and a half in prison and another decade at the University of Tasmania studying computing, business and journalism to achieve two degrees has defined my character. Yet, above all other influences, the ability to spend my time making photographs has had the most profound impact. This is simply what I do as a human being. I make pictures.

Whether or not I’m any good at making pictures is neither here nor there. The amateur, in the old way we understood the word, was somebody who does something for the love of the doing. In the old sense of the word, I’m an amateur. A lover of making pictures.

I live in a quiet Southern Tasmanian locale with the love of a good woman and the bites and scratches of an impetuous black cat named Dita. Sometimes the good woman bites me, too.

In the words of the late great Australian photographer Rennie Ellis – “Life’s a beach.”